Orca, made by Pennel & Flipo

Engineered fabrics to protect man, equipment and environment

Engineered fabrics ORCA®

Engineered fabrics ORCA®

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Engineered fabrics ORCA®



Fabric for RIB

Reservoir Eau Potable 

  ORCA® Fabrics for RIB boats are highly resistant to 




Fabrics Kayak and Rafting

Nauta Maintenance
  ORCA® fabrics for Kayak and Rafting are particularly 
  resistant to
tears and abrasion




Fabric Hovercraft

Nauta Accessoires
   ORCA® fabrics for Hovercraft are very resistant to low 
temperatures and abrasion


Interior Construction

Tissus de construction pour intérieur de bateaux 
  ORCA® fabrics for