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Pennel & Flipo, through its ORCA® range, designs, produces and distributes high-tech fabrics. To protect man, machine and the environment, Pennel & Flipo has designed and developed the complex structure of ORCA® engineered fabrics. Thanks to their specific elastomeric formulations combined with the implementation of high-tech textiles, our ORCA® engineered fabrics meet the expectations of diverse industries.

To adapt our ORCA® fabrics to your requirements, we implement all types of elastomers : NR / CR / CSM / NBR / FKM / TPU / Viton. By using our reinforced textile-based PES / PA / Cotton / Kevlar, and use of various contextures (single ply, multi-ply, double wall), we guarantee the largest range on the market.


coated fabrics orca tank

    Range ORCA® Tank                          

     ORCA® Tank fabrics are specially designed for the storage of any type of fluid.


    coated fabrics orca tank range


engineered fabrics orca transport

    Range ORCA® Transport

     ORCA® Transport fabrics are specially designed to meet the standards for fire
     resistance, smoke emission and toxicity.


    engineered fabrics orca transport range


engineered fabrics orca boom

   Range ORCA® Boom

    Pennel & Flipo has developed a full range of engineered fabrics ORCA®  for the  
manufacturing of inflatable or permanent booms.


   engineered fabrics orca boom range


engineered fabrics orca tech

     Range ORCA Tech


     ORCA® Tech fabrics are specially designed to meet the requirements of diverse


   engineered fabrics orca tech range


range colors and textures

    Range colors and textures                                

    ORCA® fabrics are available in a vast range of colors & textures.


  orca supplies range